The dog that caused an accident and had no insurance

We believe that all pets are included in Home insurance (potentially dangerous animals are separate, as they need mandatory insurance). But it’s not always like that. Adding pets to insurance is usually free. However, just hiring it is not enough. We recommend you review the limits of the insured capital, the compensation and exclusions (they […]

You only have one life to take out your Life insurance

As people only have one life, it is better to take care of it for our own good and for those who come after. Your Life insurance is not a question of age but of beneficiaries. You have 5 minutes to think about whether you are interested. Here are some ideas.  ……Continue readingRead More

CyberCompanyDinner with online karaoke

Companies want to motivate their staff and many have decided to change the company dinner for a larger basket or a virtual party.  ……Continue readingRead More