The Hospitality industry reinvents itself and expands its services

Ramón, the owner of Casa Manoli, decided to open shop last week. They will now be able to return to the “new normal”. They will try to recover some business losses, get back on track financially and hear the whir of the appliances and the voices and laughter of loyal clientèle…….Continue readingRead More

Surfing the Internet without a lifeguard?

The question is not why you “sail” the Internet “sea” without a lifeguard, but when will you be attacked? Protect your login information, review it periodically and hire cyber insurance. When you are attacked, it will protect you from phishing scams, identity and data thefts, negligence… and above all, damages you may cause to third […]

Sun, sea and… recreational boats

Statistics indicate that there are 30 mishaps caused by these boats daily with an average cost of €4,000, which must be paid out of pocket if the mandatory insurance has not been hired…….Continue readingRead More

How to disinfect the interior of your vehicle

Disinfect your vehicle and get rid of viruses and bacteria. Here is how you can do it safely and effectively. Beware! Do not use the products that you use at home – they could harm the car. Use products with at least a 70% alcoholic solution.Read More