Home Insurance

The home insurance tailored to each property and with the maximum protection with an exclusive and close service.

Modalities for each type of home: We adapt to each type of home and the use to which it is destined: main home, holiday home, unoccupied home or rental or a holiday rental.

The risks to which your home and family are exposed are brought together in a single policy (acts of vandalism, broken pipes, water damage, fire, lightning, civil liability, theft, damage due to burglary, electrical damage and weather phenomena, explosion, broken glass, robbery on public roads, etc.)

The Insurance that speaks your language. Specialized for foreigners who live temporarily or permanently in our country. 

Main benefits and coverage

We offer a modular and configurable insurance to adapt it to each type of housing: penthouses, lofts, chalets, etc. All the coverage and guarantees you need, at the best price

Temporary rental

If you decide to rent your usual home from time to time, we cover civil liability and acts of vandalism that may be caused by temporary tenants in your home or in that of third parties. Theft outside the home, Fraudulent use of credit cards, Homecare, Handyman service, etc.

Policy in your language

Our agents and advisors speak your language. English, German, French, Italian etc. Call center for language companies for consultations or emergency assistance.

Garden furniture

We insure garden furniture against theft. Up to 5000€

Houses with mortgages

We inform you that, if you have a mortgage with any bank, please let us know, as we can advise you not to keep two insurances, achieving an important reduction of your costs

Meteorological phenomena

Possibility of contracting without the limits stipulated by the insurance companies of rain l/m2 and wind Km/h


Liability for dangerous dogs

What to do ... and how to do it

Not only do we sell insurance, we also asses your claims
Commitment to quality and simplicity for our insured client

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