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We are a company with more than 30 years of experience in the insurance sector. Our office is located in the town of Calpe (Alicante), where we will be happy to assist you personally.

We solve your legal obligations to optimize the productive profitability of your services.

We work directly with the main companies in the sector offering a wide portfolio of products. We take care of finding the most suitable option for you.

Associated with the E2K Brokernet group, leader of the entire National Network of Insurance Brokers. Permanent support to the development of mediation.

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Because your health should come first

The current health situation is especially delicate. It is in such situations that a medical insurance can guarantee you a faster and much more effective access to healthcare. We’re close to you to help you choose the best health insurance.Read More


Avoid business risks

Ever heard of Credit Insurance? It is used specially to cover the risk of non-payment resulting from debtor insolvency in on-credit commercial transactions between companies. Protect your business. Ask us.Read More


Home insurance is not mandatory, it is essential

The likelihood of there being a fire is not high, but its consequences are very serious. Home insurance not only protects your most significant asset, which is usually your home. It also protects you from all damages that you may suffer due to fire, water, civil liability, theft… and many other things.  ……Continue readingRead More


They lost your bags. What should you do?

In times of confinement where there are reductions in our freedom of mobility, it is difficult for us to think up, plan and take a trip. However, sometimes it happens that we need to travel for work, health or even personal reasons. And if so, our brokerage wants you to have all the tools to do it safely…….Continue readingRead More


Farming communities work from sunrise to sunset

What is collected is not always what is actually produced. A storm, adverse weather conditions, and a thousand other uncontrollable phenomena can sink a whole year of work. Do not leave to chance your risks and damages in production, plantation, and facilities.    ……Continue readingRead More


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