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We are a company with more than 30 years of experience in the insurance sector. Our office is located in the town of Calpe (Alicante), where we will be happy to assist you personally.

We solve your legal obligations to optimize the productive profitability of your services.

We work directly with the main companies in the sector offering a wide portfolio of products. We take care of finding the most suitable option for you.

Associated with the E2K Brokernet group, leader of the entire National Network of Insurance Brokers. Permanent support to the development of mediation.

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An insurance policy out of love

Our society never talks about the difficulties that can be caused by the absence of a loved one, but the cost to families can be high. The day you’re no longer with us, the people who depend on you will undergo an abrupt emotional, but also financial loss. They’ll be grieving and have to face a new situation. Where will


Protection in a time of pandemics

Insurance policies are always there when you need them. That’s why it’s very important to dedicate a small portion of our savings, or even as part of our financial budget, for your own peace of mind, and take out the policies that you need most in your day-to-day life…….Continue readingRead More


“In July, the boy goes to the ditch or the well”

When the weight of the law falls on the Community, the neighbours must take on the damages. Your best defence will be an insurance policy for the Association with a comprehensive Civil Liability guarantee that deals with compensation. Check that the capital is adequate, because as owners we have a lot at stake…….Continue readingRead More


Insurance without barriers

Are there car insurance policies in Spain for the 800,000 people who have reduced mobility? Undoubtedly: the insurance industry looks after all collectives without exception…….Continue readingRead More


We are nearly there!

Advance with a firm and sure step to avoid backtracking. So start this progressive ‘going back to normal’ with prudence. You will see that all will be wellRead More


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